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All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. ( II Tim. 3:15 (unto holiness), 16 scriptures or torah, & 17), please read!

So! We have studied and tried to live righteous, but there are areas that I have to be delivered from, which has to be dealt with by his commandments; that is if I want him to. So! In Loving GOD with his Son we must keep, that what is sacred to him only with his calendar; and not what we will, but as he leads us. (2 Tim.2:15,Rom.8:14) please read.

Example (Matt.26:2), because all of his days are numbered. Now ! as of this date: "About The Sabbath" Is.56: all vs. and because the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.And It Isiah 58:1 "Transgressions" Does "Pertains" To "Our Salvation" As (He)"Jesus Christ" Certainly Did Have A Custom Luke 4:16,& So Did Apostle Paul Acts 13:38-44, Tues."Veterans Day" 11-11-03 3rd. day of the wk. 16th.of Heshvan 5763 Prov. 28:13 I'll Not ever forget a day such as this for our Combat Veterans, Wednesday 11-12-03 4th. day of the wk. Heshvan 17th. 5763

Now! Here we are again on this beautiful day of "Thursday" 11-13-03 5th. day of the wk. Heshvan 18th. Where we were reading Ps.119:1-35 Make (me) to know in thy path of thy "commandments" for therein do (I) "Delight" you see! and Jesus said If you "Love" me keep (my) "commandments" my point is that if we really love him we will (do) whatever he says right? So! what is the hinder ? 11 Timothy 1:1-(7)For God hath (not) gave us a "spirit of fear", but of power to "talk" & "walk" right", and of "love" to "make it with the right person" "the right way to love", and of a sound mind so that you can let that right mind be in you Philippians 2:1-(5-"mind")-7-(14) "without murmurings and disputings" -16 "run not in vain"  :Re: Please! Now that we're back on this "Friday" 11-14-03 6th. day of the wk. 19th.day of Hesvan 5763

Well! how're you'll doing ? Re:Please! And we'll be praying for you but we would like to pray with you someday So! we'll be Waiting upon our help because it is very to us to wait for someone that can really help in these "troublesome" "End Times" Ps.121:(1)-"help"9, and "Happy Sabbath" to you'll or have a "great evening" Hello! and How're you'll doing ? on this Saturday morning or (Happy or ("Shabbat")Matt.12:1 Sabbath or ("Shalom") or "a-lei-khem!" "Peace be unto you" or (plural) "is a common greeting"  Matt.10:12 11-15-03 7th. day of the wk. of the "Bibical calendar" 20th. day of Hesvan of the Hebrew Calendar 5763

 Well! on this Beautiful Sabbath Morning finually it is a proven fact that by the "Hebrew Calendar" about where we are in the ("End Times") of Bible Prophecy with Ezekiel 7: where modern day U.S. is Ephraim, Joseph youngest son Gen. 41:52 and modern day Israel has come to ("an End, has come") Ez.1,2-("upon the  four corners") This simply Means That: Our Lord has told The Prophet Ezekiel 7:1-(2)-(An "End has come upon the four corners of the land") 3-"Now! (Is) the (end) come upon thee" and (I'll) send mine (anger) upon thee,

"and I will (judge) thee according (thy ways"), "and I will (recompense) upon thee (all) thine (abominations")-27-("Description of the Babylonian Conquest") Please Read The Previous Preceeding Chapters to understand about Chapter 7: All Vs. By this we think That "God winked at;Acts 17:30, (over looked) but now! commandeth (all) men (everywhere)" to ("Repent"! And Believe The Gospel (The word of God (Matt.4:4)" "man shall live by) "every word that comes out of the mouth of GOD" Being his Son "Our Lord Jesus Christ Is his very own expression", Lk.24:47-"should be preached in his name among (All) nationsHis Seven Day Cycle!

God the Father who is a spirit, so says the bible (John 4:24), has given His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ; His Cycle of His 7 days.

We are to follow His Cycle of His numbers esp. number 7. His Cycle goes from Sabbath to Sabbath. (Is.66:23) and (Is.58: all verses).

1st day........................Sunday
2nd day........................Monday
3rd day.......................Tuesday
4th day.....................Wednesday
5th day......................Thursday
6th day........................Friday
7th day......................Saturday

Especially His 7th Day of the Lord Jesus Christ.(Gen2:3), (Ez.20:2) & (Is.58:10-14). Blessed Sanctified, Holy, and But most Holy of Them all. It's also a Sign between you & Him To Know & How to Delight Thyself In Him on This Day Only!

Also here are the names of each day in ancient times:

The English Names!

The English names for the days originated so long ago that it is difficult to trace their source. However, all of them are of Teutonic (Germanic) origin. The stories that have come down to us are a combination of fact and fiction, myth and legend.<P>

Sunday received its name from the Teutonic translation fo the Roman words dies solis--"day of the sun."  Roman soldiers who fought in the German forests prayed to the sun. The Teutons called that day Sunnandag, Sunnan, ineant "of the sun : and dag was "day."

The early Christians worshipped on Sunday because the Resurrection of Jesus Christ took place on the first day of the week. By the beginning of the 4th century the Christian Roman Emperor Constantine ordered that Sunday be observed as a holy day.

The Teutons were responsible for naming the first work day and school day of the week "Monday." Before the Romans came, the Teutons called the moon "teller of time," and used it as a calendar.

The Romans arrived and the Teutons heard the Roman soldiers call Monday Dies lunae ("the day of the moon"). They were astonished to see the soldiers pray to the moon on that day. The Teutons translated dies lunae into Monandag. From that word it was an easy transition to the English word "Monday."

The Teutons had an easy time naming Tuesday. The Romans called it dies Martis ("day of Mars") after their warrior god, Mars. The Teutons had a similar god called Tiu. The Teutons decided that Mars was really Tiu and called that day Tiesdag---hence, Tuesday.

Wednesday was a problem. The Romans called that day dies Mercurii ("day of Mercury"). Mercury was the tireless traveling messenger of the gods who covered a great deal of ground in a short time. The Teutons had no god exactly like that. Woden, god of wisdom, wind, and warriors, resembled Mercury most closely, so the Teutons selected Woden, and honored him with a day called Wodnesdag, Wednesday.

Dies Jovis ("day of Jupiter or Jove"), was translated by the Teutons into Thorsdag, Thursday, for their god Thor. Both Thor and Jupiter were gods of strength and thunderbolts.

Friday in the Teuton language is Friadag, in honor of Frigg, the only major Teuton goddess. The Romans called this day dies Veneris ("day of Venus") for Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Frigg, the wife of woden, was the goddess of medicine, healing, and matrons.

The Roman word for Saturday, dies Saturni ("day of Saturn") really challenged the Teutons. The Romans named that day after Saturn, a god of farming and planting--two occupations fit only for slaves, thought the Teutons. They had no god even remotely resembling Saturn.

The problem was solved by their clumsy attempt to pronounce the word. It came out a harsh-sounding "Saeternesday." However,some Teuton tribes noticed that the Roman soldiers bathed on Saturday. These Teutons liked the custom so much that they named Saturday "bath day." In Iceland, Saturday is called Laugardagur, and in Sweden and Denmark it's Loerdag. Both words mean "bath day."

Now! as of this date "Sunday" or "Sunadag" "day of the sun"-- "dies solis" 5-24-03 (By Roman Calendar) but the first day of the wk. by the Bibical Calendar Or Ziv Or Iyar 22 1st. of The Sixth Wk. 7x5+1=36 Omer Counting, 5763 Since Abib Or Nisan Is The right Year That's If you Really Wanted To Count (His) Days ;

Where We Read (Righteousness) Exaults A Nation But (Sin)Is Reproach to any of people (Prov.14:1-34-35), & Jesus Said In (John 14:1-15-31) If you really (Love)  Jesus you would (keep) (his) Commandments and not ours or someone else's right ? ,plus In (John 15:1-27) Proves That he is the "true vine" that always offers "Life Promises"! (Matt.5:19 & "other Scriptures Apply To "The Counting Of  "The Omer") Leading up to "The Day of (Shauvot/Pentecost) 50th.day & An Holy Sabbath", Also "A Feast of Covenant" Gen. 8:All Vs. , Gen. 9:1-9-17-29 Unto this Day 6-11-03, Wed. (Sivan 10, 5763) (Your Response Please!)


The Jewish Calendar

The Jews Used Two Kinds of Calendars. ....... Civil Calendar ...... offical calendar of kings, childbirths, and contracts. ....... Sacred Calendar ....... from which festivals were computed.

(1). Abib or Nisan............(March-April)................Ex. 13:42
(2). Zif or Iyar................(April-May)................1 Ki. 6:1,37
(3). Sivan.....................(May-June)...................Esth. 8:9
(4). Tammuz..................(June-July)...................Jer. 39:2
(5). Ab.........................(July-August).............Num. 33:38
(6). Elul........................(August-September).......Neh. 6:15
(7). Ethanim or Tishri........(September-October).......1 Ki. 8:2
(8). Bul or Heshvan...........(October-November).......1 Ki. 6:38
(9). Chislev or Kislev.........(November-December)......Neh. 1:1
(10). Tebeth...................(December-January).......Esth. 2:16
(11). Shebat or Sebat.........(January-February).........Zech. 1:7
(12). Adar......................(February-March)............Esth. 3:7
We have experienced that we cannot rightly divide the Word Of God, unless we follow this calendar. We live the life by keeping His commandments with His cycle of Sabbaths and Feast Days, which goes together (Jn.14:15),(Ex.20:4). That's if you really love the LORD! (2Tim.2:15) 

Plan of Salvation with His Cycle:(Ex. 20:8),(Is.66:23)

This is just an article from Prophecy Flash Magazine by Triumphpro.com with William F. Dankenbring (Editor and Director): Vol.14 No.6 Jan.-Feb. 2001,pg.6.

The Scriptures tells us that there were seven days of Creation  (Gen.1).the seventh day is the weekly Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11;  Gen.2:1-2). Likewise, there are (seven)   "annual holy days in the Hebrew calendar"--1. Passover (1st.day of UnleavenBread),  2. Last Day of Unleaven Bread,  3. Pentecost (Shavuot),  4. Yom Teruah/ Blowing of  The Trumpets ,  5.  Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement),  6. First Day of the Feast of Tabernacles,  7. Shemini Atzeret (the "Eight Day")(Leviticus 23).  Also,  there are seven Sabbatical years in a Jubilee cycle of years (Lev.25).  That is,  every seventh year is a "yr.of rest," even as the seventh day of the week is a day of "rest." After seven of These Sabbatical years,  comes the fiftieth year,  called the "Jubilee"of freedom,  liberty,  redemption. Seven is therefore the number of divine perfection, completion and fullness.

The FOUR HORSEMEN of the Apocalypse

"The Power Struggle"!

European Government.

5 Heads: Germany, France, Spain, Italy & Britain.
Bringing the Beast into existence: Please read Dan. 7: 1st Beast: the Lion: (21st century U.S. ,  Britain & Israel.

2nd.  Beast: the Bear: (Russia)

3rd.  Beast: the Leopard: (Germany)

4th.  Beast: the 4 heads of Europe, Germany,  France and Spain.

V.7 10 Horns,  Rev. 13:7 Heads, 10Hornes , 5U. N. (Adding)

The Whole Issue Is Power, And Who Is Going To Be On Top,

Daniel. 2 Iron And Clay

We would like your input on these views: 1998 Groups of The 7 Heads Security Counsel Head Quarters New York City United Nations: 1. Bear Russia, 2. Leopard Germany, 3. Lion Israel, 4. England, 5. Canada, 6. U. S. , Industrial 1. Egypt, 2.Japan, 3 .Brazil, 4. Asia, 5. Germany, 6. Indonisa, 7. Africa, 8. So America, 9. Russia, 10. U. S.

You want to know or already know that The Four Chariots of Zechariah:

1. (Zech.6:1-8),  2. (Matt 24:3) And Revelation  5:1-5-14;  3. 6:1, 2;  4. 6:3,  (people to kill one another)  6:8;

The Whole Idea Is That The "Apocalypse" Has Already Begun Their Ride! (White,  Red, Black, And Pale)  With Their Seals!

This Means That The Time Is Near (Closer) Than We Think!(Acts 3:1-19-26) "Please Study! Now! Before Its Too Late". (Walter And Debbie)

You all can Email us @:

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